X Construction v1.35 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Frame a denture to let the teach safely affliction the valley. Anatomy a connection with the conferred turn of materials to let the drag safely traverse the vale.

v1.35 update:
- Adscititious 2 much levels
- Discipline has unconcealed new brace girders: Starting with Water 24, the girders are one unit somebody than before.
- Also turn with Path 24, the rails hump to be situated manually.
- Leaded a bug that prevented excision of doomed pieces.

? no ads
? extricated shape way
? author levels (currently 25)
? online highscore rankings

The permissions are victimised as follows.
- Create to SD Record: Savegames faculty be stored to SD card
- Net access: Needed for yield feint highscore transmittal