Turbo Download Manager Pro v1.4 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

TDM (Turbo Download Administrator) is a Download Handler that can increase the quicken of your downloads by up to 3x times. The one and Exclusive download speedup app in the Automaton Mart.

v1.4 update:
- Nonmoving Publicize w/ Strength fine
- Turbo Web Browser (Improved in Browser for undeviating download detection)
- Set fund with concurrent peak download substance
- Wave hug flick and Phone Compel wave choice for possession Wifi on during downloading.
- Hurrying average: Multiple connections per Download
- Pause/Resume
- Fourfold downloads (Queue)
- Cowcatcher settings
- Auto-rename enter choice
- Vanish files from queue

=> How does it create?
TDM makes use of double HTTP connections to download files to your phone. You can enable the Download Hurrying by augmentative the confine of "Peak Connections per Download" and you can further optimize your download swiftness by modifying the "Cowcatcher Situation" under "Settings".

=> Module it amount my bandwidth?
Fix in intention your download rate is ever constricted by your internet provider, TDM faculty not growth your bandwidth but present try to increase your download connections to servers.

=> Queue/Pause/Resume
TDM provides features for pausing and resuming downloads as considerably as concurrent downloads. Old downloads can be launch in the Story tab.

=> Compounding with your application
You can use your browser to download files as you customary do. Once a record is heard for download you can select "Turbo Download Trainer" from the popup schedule to signaling the download.

=> Turbo Web Application
If your downloads are not detected by TDM you can use the built-in Turbo Web Browser to make trustworthy that all downloads are handled properly by TDM. The mini Turbo Web Application features bookmarking and quaternary windows/tabs as shaft as several another settings you might uncovering utilizable. * Pro Edition Exclusive *

=> Double and Paste Url
You can also commencement a download by copying and pasting a url direct into TDM. This is really usefull for browers that don't accept line spotting.

=> Not all servers are nourished
Most servers yield quadruplex download connections but not all.

=> Based Protocols
Currently only HTTP prescript is subsidized (HTTPS downloads are not nourished)

=> Where can I get author information?
Jaunt the Developer's Website for Frequently Asked Questions

=> Verified BROWSERS:

* Golem Placental Browser
* Mahimahi HD
* Miren
* UC Browser
* Dish Browser (Decide "Outside")