Talking Tom Cat v2.1.2.1 Full Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Tom is backward with an all new undertaking! Tom is your cat that responds to your suggest and repeats everything you say in a suspect line. Since Tom is now an transnational celebrity, he's emotional out of the lane and into a nerveless flat.

But everything is not perfect for Tom, his domiciliate Ben s and pesters him constantly.

Delight Line: When lengthways the app for the foremost minute you will be required to download added 5-40 MB to get the unsurpassed graphics character for your gimmick.

??? HOW TO Measure ???
? Speech to Tom and he testament ingeminate everything you say with a queer vox.
? Pet Tom's fat or nous and piss him purr.
? Poke his membrane, tumesce or feet.
? Slapdash Tom's braving unexhausted and conservative.
? Endorse or suggest his spy.
? Pressing the fart fix to see Ben wind and Tom snap his smell in repulse. After that Tom repeats what you say with his look stoppered for a while.
? Push the bag fasten to excrete Ben pop a medium bag and anxiety Tom. It's uproarious.
? No ads
? Exhort the phone add to modify Tom attempt with the freehand Conversation Tom app and act after himself in a singular loop.
? Exhort the feathers fasten to see Ben hit Tom with a put.
? Machine the ? add to accomplish Tom actuation random items from behind his rearward.
? Preserve videos of Tom and acquire them on YouTube, Facebook or channelise them by netmail or MMS.
Like hours of fun and utterance with Tom.
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