Animated Weather Widget & Clock v4.6.2 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Digital Clock widget 4x2 with Defy prognosticate coating. The exquisitely living video effects of murkiness, precipitate and betray ply the pure perception of ongoing or next hold conditions for statesman than 50000 locations over the humans.

v4.6.2 update:
- Widget update bug rigid;

Variant filler widgets with a timepiece and a prognostication for the chosen day.
- Desktop widgets with digital timekeeper
- Lively daily windward forecasting
- Realistic Video personalty of murkiness, sequence and snow
- Doubled environment landacapes
- Bespoken (user-defined) backgrounds
- Globular group hold
- 50000+ locations worldwide
- Motorcar update prognostication
- Data in Metric/Imperial
- Geolocation (GPS Hunt)

Features in Evolution

- Spirited widget
- Untaped wallpapers
- Duplex locations / cities
- Weather for GPS location
- Meliorate recording personalty
- Local windward providers
- Skins