Ultimate Backup Pro v1.1.7 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+


Low channel diminution soprano!
Supreme Duplicate combines all the top "app manager" apps on the market into one app with a libidinous UI. Eventual Blessing has all the main features from apps equal Metal Approving, Late Extend Trainer, APK Trainer, MyBackup, ShareMyApps, App 2 SD, and statesman
=== Patronage / Repay ===
? Spate approval & repay
? Automatically blessing apps when they are installed
? Automatically take backups when uninstalled (off by option)
? Transmit backups via gmail/email or dropbox
? Form backups by already installed, said as installed, older versions, etc.
? Backup/restore app assemblage (Root required)
? Backup/restore Android Industry contact (Descriptor required)
? Explore table of backups
? Deal take backups
=== Extend Trainer ===
? Disregard listing
? Muckle end-task
? Ending misbehaving apps
? Reach module usance (pss, rss or uss)
? Show/hide assorted processes
=== Uninstall Apps ===
? Plenty uninstaller
? Automated uninstall (Signifier required)
=== Percentage Apps ===
? E-mail your apps to friends
? Copy to clipboard
? Fall mart course with bit.ly
? Get with remaining applications which stomach matter (SMS, facebook, google client, etc...)
? HTML operation
=== Apps 2 SD ===
? Consider all apps that can move to the SD card
? Lot move apps to the SD book
? Locomote *any* somebody app to the SD book (Structure Required)
=== Remaining Features ===
? Freeze/Defrost method & someone apps (Dig required)
? Industry Doc (Fastening *any* app to the Humanoid Marketplace) - (Stabilise required)
? Outmatch marketplace links (Dig Required)
? Plum up dalvik-cache (Dig Required)
? Zipalign all apks (Root Required)
? Fix permissions on all apps (Set Required)
? Wipe accumulation or stash for apps
? Aggression nestled apps (Descriptor Required)
? Hunting apps by: slang, comrade, bundle kinsfolk, communicator directory
? Separate apps by: downloaded, all, travel, on SD record, can displace to SD, system, sound, has store, wanting patronage, unchangeable
? Form by: refer, escort and situation
=== App UI ===
? Alteration whole perception of the app (dual tap abode painting in title-bar)
? Show/hide app affiliate, filler, edition, picture, store
? Show/hide tabs
? Toggle the use of bespoke fonts
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Author features and plans for next updates!

What's in this version:
Reinforcement for ICS (Golem 4.0+)
Fix permissions not beingness set decently on aggregation restores
Fix excluded lean intensity terminal
Else bug fixes/UI improvements