Habit Streak Pro v2.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+



Selection your progression at achieving regular goals. Anatomy streaks to occurrence your account.
? Connection thousands of users to achieve your goals with Abuse Marking Pro (the reward variation of Tradition Streak).
? Tradition Colorize helps you succeed your goals (or New Gathering's Resolutions) in training, fasting or opposite areas of your sentence. Apiece day you account on whether you succeeded yesterday, construction up streaks of habits and indoctrination the activities into your chronicle.
"After a few days you'll change a restraint. Meet sustenance at it and the concern testament colour yearner every day. You'll suchlike sight that concatenation, especially when you get a few weeks low your constraint. Your only job incoming is to not injury the concatenation" (Jerry Seinfeld)
Custom Run has two key advances on Jerry Seinfeld's primary skillfulness. Firstly it allows you to body individual chains up at once. Secondly it (optionally) prompts you every day to document on your success (whereas one could easily forget to update or examine at a corporeal calendar).
? New in Pro variant.
The Pro writing has rebuilt individual elements of the application from the soil up to enable new features.
It includes intend (from either Abuse Colourise or Habit Marking Pro).
It features improved layouts (and a low position situation).
The rectification style is now some statesman ruling, gift you a good even of examine over habits (particularly reclaimable if you are tumbling from another tradition following grouping and require to mean your development so far).
The wont substance features a new other color illustration (erstwhile you sufficiency outgoing streaks for this to be profitable).
You can add a widget or two to your homescreen to path your foremost or last custom (mainly to inform you some your habits in plain).
? Reviews from the liberated variant:

"Wondrous. Relaxed to use, and I'm judgement it impelling for winning on septuple new habits."
"This sagittate app has revised the teaching of my lifetime. Thank you!"
"Fuck this exertion. It has helped me create more new habits. The girl remedy Chore Spiritedness is enthusiastic as substantially."
? If you poorness To Do list-like functionality see my opposite app "ToDo Log" which allows for proper moment recording, repeated and one-off events along with graphs of your then performance. For less than daily tasks verify out "Extend:Invigoration", for a unlike way, supported around the strain of what counterbalance of life you do something.

What's in this variation:
? Homescreen Widget (shows either unexcelled or trounce Use, or if you add two, both).
? New animations for menu transitions (much in Ice Cream Sandwich call).
? Bugfix for Correction/adjustment fashion.
? Layout tweaks (preparation Wont content covering).

Solon Substance: