µTV Beta v0.6 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: µTorrent adder for your TV shows!
µTV is an app made to help you track the release of any new episodes of your favourite TV shows and remotely starts downloading them on your PC (must be running µTorrent).

- You can get µTorrent from http://www.utorrent.com
- In order for the app to function, you have to enable "Web UI" in µTorrent.
- You also have to set "webui.token_auth" to false in µTorrent. Hopefully, you won't have to after next update.
- Go to settings (on this app) to enter your µTorrent IP, PORT, Username and Password.
- The "Refresh" button searches for new episodes and the "Download All" sends them all to µTorrent.
- uTV can only find episodes that actually have verified torrents. It might not find non-popular TV Shows, old episodes or TV Shows that aren't recorded by seasons and episodes.
It's kind of a "fully functioning" beta at the moment. your constructive criticism is most welcome.
Changes yet to come.
- Notifications of new episodes.
- "Fully Automatic Mode!".
- UI and speed improvements.
Please try to use the app legally :P

Download Instructions: