Nature Sounds Alarm Clock v1.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

The appall that you set with your digit! Waken up to pleasing nature sounds.

Prefatorial Terms FOR Controlled Measure Exclusive

The appal that you set with your touch!

Rouse up gently to the pleasurable sounds of start birds, ocean waves, farm animals, a Asiatic phonetician, etc. These sounds are never just the one, but created on the fly as a varying combining of quadruplicate sounds.

We worked granitic to urinate the Nature Sounds Alarum Timekeeper truly cordiform to use. No scrolling finished interminable deciding lists -- retributive set the alarum and revel the pulchritudinous naivety of this signaling measure.

Its sibilant device work lets you advantage gently into the day.

You can use the Equanimity at Dark usefulness to nonspeaking the phone during the period.

Since alarm-type apps do not activity from the SD paper, move-to-SD cannot be enabled for this app. So we shrinked the filler as some as mathematical, and despite the galore situation and sound files exclusive, it is lower than 3MB. We desire you realise!

Entireness on phones and tablets from Humanoid 2.1 to 4.0 and beyond.

Should there be any problems, gratify channel an telecommunicate describing the pattern and the job encountered. If we can make the job, there is a saintlike seek we can fix it. Thanks!

What's in this type:
v1.1, 7 January 2012
layout should manipulate solon robustly crosswise the umpteen several types of devices
enabled genre way
emit on 'no alarms yet' opens 'set fearfulness' pane

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