Audio Control Pro v1.3.8 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Tally Safe Contain

Frequence Restrain Pro is a omnipotent product check app. Make bottomless quantify profiles and modify between them with easiness.

Frequence Know Pro gives users the power to schedule frequency profiles by day and instant. An Audio Profile Widget is also easy for Pro users.

**Audio Discipline Pro Features**
-Custom channel profiles
-Schedule dependable profiles by day and instant
-5 Widgets, decide any modify
-Profile widget can bed sevenfold instances/re-sizable
-Control the speakerphone volume
-Lots of options for customization
-Locale activity for programing by emplacement and writer!*

*Requires the Locale App

The think of Frequency Control is to afford Android users to easily create, administrator and exchange between unequalled oftenness profiles. Create a saliency and with 2 clicks turn to a totally opposite salience. When a strikingness is designated all the vocalize settings of the sound convert to jibe that saliency.

Frequence Examine Pro offers the cognition to schedule profiles for any day and clip. An Audio Salience Widget is also a pro dimension and allows users to create a custom widget with up to 4 profiles. When a saliency is selected on the widget that profile is enabled.

READ_PHONE_STATE lets the app cognise when a sound demand has started so the speakerphone environs can be set if needed
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS modifies the audio settings
Waffle lets the sound waver when the choice is elite

What's in this edition:
1.3.8 Additional Locus sustenance

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