DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer Pro v2.0.9-pro Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: dialer,phone, contacts, groups, sms, mms, email, organization, ringtone, call filter, DW Contacts & Phone
Is a powerful (MUST HAVE) replacement for your stock dialer, contacts and phone management application

Features :
multi-language support
most functions are accessible by using the *LONG PRESS* (tap and hold) on any item or use *MENU* key
very flexible to configure the design of every view (sort order, fonts size, color, transparency)
quick-jump function, show a window, where you can click the first letter of your contact and quickly jump/scroll to it
configurable contact view, how it should show the list (*show contacts as* / *sort order* for last name, first name, nick name, ...)
support for all account types (local, Google, ms exchange, ...)
tab bars: hide & sortable, include gesture switching to different views (phone, history, favorites, contacts, search, groups, organization, titles, events, toolbox)
full management for your contacts (create, add, change, delete, copy contacts, copy to another account, groups, organization, titles in single- and multi select mode)
batch mode for mass delivery with SMS, MMS, emails on single- and multi selection (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
search contacts by any attribute (name, nick name, phone number, organization, notes, address, email, relationships, websites, birthday, ...) + voice search
support for layered groups, sub-groups (sub-group via Business.VIP = Business -> VIP)
set ringtones on single- and multi select (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
contact event notification and contact event management (birthday, anniversary) + support for lunar calendar format
easy sending event greetings to your contacts
create shortcut to home on any contact item or on any tab via toolbox (phone, dialer, contacts, favorites, groups, organizations, titles, ...)
extended incoming call view (background service: show organization, group, notes, group picture)
share contacts (text,vcard) via SMS, email, ...
call filter (blocking incoming calls on free definable date- and time zones)
display call history with summary for single- or multi-select contacts, groups, organization, titles, ...
dialer(phone) with T9-search - has many options to make it exactly to your wishes
dialer and dialpad scalable and adjustable in size, background, color, font size can be changed
full T9-search on all contacts fields and configurable
icons for contact picture, dial, SMS, email
quick dial manager (long press 0-9)
quick dial last number
display call history on dialer
edit number before dialing
voice dialer

What's in this version : (Updated : January 5, 2012)
dial with prefix and suffix *new*
fast scroll icon is only on 1 side visible *new*
quick-jump for events *new*
call filter -> adding call filter group: "all incoming calls" + "anonymous incoming calls" *new*
disable/enable rules on call filter *new*
adding "2sec pause" to dialer menu *new*
adding "wait" to dialer menu *new*
adding "blocked calls" icon(calls, which are ignored or blocked) *new*
some android 4.0 (ICS fixes) *fix*
quick-jump shows now also empty names and sorting is correct *fix*
detailed call log view was sometimes slow and buggy *fix*

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