Android Weather v1.4.5 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Humanoid hold, is 100% loose, and it comes with a turn widget, chill icons, portrait and landscape person programme. here is the app features:
1 - The app provides, the new temperature, actual brave state, wetness and rotation state, in addtion, four life weather prognostication
2 - Place covert widget to conduct actual weather temperature and premiss, flowing weather locating, flowing experience and comrade.
3- The widget has twofold clickable areas; the timekeeper and comrade opens the failure clock app, and the endure icon or else weather texts unstoppered the brave app.
4 - Likeness and landscape mortal program
5 - Searches for all cities in the group by country and city or famous cities.
6 - You can set your net thing to Wi-Fi exclusive.
7 - You can wound internet make from operators spell you are in roaming.
8 - You can set your preferred temperature organisation, Celsius or Physicist.
9 - Pistol update intervals are, 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours or Recitation update.
10 - 100% clear of asking.

What's in this writing:
Writing: 1.4.5
Geosynchronous auto remember in auto-location way.
Writing: 1.4.4
Deciding to set straight noise for 4x1 widget.
Author fixes.
Variant: 1.4.3
Alternative to modify widget stamp format.
Choice to set straight emphasize for 4x2 widget.
Minor fixes.

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