ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries v1.0.222.2 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Erstwhile you buy ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries, you love right to the canonical set of 58 popular dictionaries for the mass module combinations, including 41 English dictionaries (download required):

- Arts <-> Chinese (both conventional and simplified), Czech, Nordic, Country, Teutonic, Magyar, Nordic, European, Latvian, Lithuanian, Scandinavian, European, Romance (Brazilian), Slavic, European, Slovenian, Nation, Turkish
- Nation -> Country, Finnish, Grecian, Perfection, Rumanian, Swedish
- Russian <-> Nation, French, German, Italian, Soul, Spanish

There are also over 200 added dictionaries for 20 languages usable for acquire direct from within the program. True translations, phonetic transcriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, examples of use and promise forms are disposable for the succeeding module combinations:
- Nation <-> French, Germanic, European, Land, Nation, State
- Germanic <-> Romance, Romance, Shine, Slavonic, Spanish
- State <-> Asian, Scandinavian, Dutch, Nation, Finnish, Country, Germanic, European, European, European, Kazakh, Nordic, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkic, State, Ukrainian
- Slavic <-> English, Hone, Country
- Monolingual Land, European, Indigen, and Country dictionaries.

For a sodding tilt of dictionaries with detailed descriptions, call our website at

Method requirements: OS Automaton variation 2.2 and higher


Key features:
• Trusty and veracious translations
• Instantaneous and casual look-up
• Extensive entries from several dictionaries in one pane
• Indigene frequency pronunciations for most inferior language (in few dictionaries)
• Spelling suggestions for mistyped words
• Knowledge to looking up text from the clipboard
• Record

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