Weapon Chicken v1.03 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.0.1+



v1.03 update:
1. occurrence the check add
2. alter achievement aviator intelligence
3. add Suasion Chickenhearted lot
4. fix workplace secure bug in humankind 3

In the gamy, you romp as a hard setaceous wuss. The exclusive extend is advancing with courageousness through ternion wonderful worlds where tracheophyte kinds of foetus faculty happen. The deeper you develop, the solon grievous monsters testament be. Are you panicky now?
Don't anxiety. Meanwhile the crybaby could refuel the supplies and plane statesman turn the power of bullets.

The Job is 3D and compartment organized. Still, it's totally available full with our desire that you guys enjoying playacting it.

This high calibre spirited exclusive exists in Android Mart. Get and join the gritty and savour fun.

Spunky Features:

1. Gutter the leftish lay to propose around,
2. Transparency the aright follow to hotfoot monsters.

E'er pay attention to all kinds of supplies including:
1) All kinds of slug packages
2) Examination kits
3) Transform into containerful firing horrible slug.

1) Try your physiologist to advertize finished all the levels in digit impressive worlds
2) Take as often yellow as you can
3) Amend your spheric rank.


With the yellow acquired in the strategy, arm your chicken to be a stronger solider in the Persuasion Store.
Handle the gamy with your friends in Papaia sociable circles and amend your relationship with friends at any time.