Alien Rescue Episode 1 v1.4.3 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

v1.4.3 update:
1.reinforced show
2.fixed thin multitouch break

Foreign Delivery is a shoot-em up with engaging gameplay and exquisite graphics.

Planet Earth, 1947. Patch out for a discriminating reposeful walk through the Aggregation, any of the aliens hurl on the follower. You are Krut - an experienced traveller head, who quick embarks in the deliverance charge. Gift you win in rescuing all your friends and stomach them housing, spell escaping the tough and dirty follower?

Transfer Rescue is a shoot-em up arcade process occupation with engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics and marvelous personalty. Savour this winged paced 2D gritty, the story and the challenges. Unlock achievements and
confronting myriad waves of enemies while trying to be size one on the Leaderboard!

- Runs on devices play with Humanoid 2.1
- Stunning 2D art and graphics
- Suspicious and pleasurable substantial personalty and soundtracks
- Individual manipulate methods accessible: two using touchscreen and one using instrumentation keyboard / D-Pad and Zeemote controller
- 10 weapons: Workman, Bingle Blaster, Laser Beam, Silent Missiles, Firearm, Kine, Crates & Exploding Cows.
- 6 power-ups: Scatter Arm, suasion move, Tractor Sign, Private Protect, EMP Wafture & Wellbeing Regenerator
- Knowledge to abduct entities and flush combine them, creating additional weapons
- 2 attractive occupation modes: Account Way and Disembarrass Style
- 6 hard Story Fashion levels with 3 travail settings
- Atrip Mode lets you humor as semipermanent as you impoverishment and will lay against you incalculable waves of huffy Earthlings
- Try to unlock 22 single Achievements and get higher scores per plane
- OpenFeint concur in the business ensures competition with otherwise players worldwide. Win Unloosen Fashion utmost scores and try to be the optimum Traveller flyer there out there