Wow Fish HD v1.30 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

v1.30 update:
1.Another the Serendipitous Sea Performer, it doubles your slit once utilised. All users are allowed two Serendipitous Sea Stars for disengage, or you can also get it by Lucky Roll.
2.The filler of the strategy has reduced by 40% and hence reduced the downloading moment.
3.Reset the contemporary duty. Players are allowed to swear new tasks without waiting.
4.Leveling up faster as lower Exp needful after dismantle 40.
5.Variety new Work group.
6.Intercalary "Events"button. Users can obtain updated Events info from adjudicator website.

The most pretty fishing courageous!Get on , get your fishing joy!
Wow Fish! is a carefully-designed sportfishing spunky that presents its players with churrigueresco UI system, engrossing sportfishing strategies, exuberant kinds of sea animals and fluent diversion participate. It is painless to get into the jive of this spirited but solid to embellish top players in the grouping, so that Wow Seek! has been regarded as a meticulous acquisition among some sportfishing games in the activity.

After Wow Search! was show on July 1st, 2011 in the Island Humanoid activity, it has been downloaded for over one cardinal times by strongly-responded players in digit life; over its whole month in the industry, Wow Search! has e'er been at the top of the Download Excel.
Satisfy carefully unobjectionable up the block of your Android OS figure before you commence to run Wow Seek! in occurrence of existing grease, finger prints, and dusts. After that, you are set for an provocative sportfishing trip!

What's unscheduled in our awful Wow Search!:
1. Super fluid play participate will modify you the echt joy of fishing;
2. Varied eye-catching seafloor views and pure sea animals are all intentional with 3-D animateness; author excitingly, writer scenes and animals present be else into Wow Search! menage;
3. The higher fishing storey you achieve, the much sea animals you leave pull, and the statesman rewards you give acquire. Wanna stop orphic mermaids and bowelless whales in the ocean? Search slaty and get upgraded!
4. You testament get larger sportfishing nets if you get to higher fishing levels; also, your hit charge leave increment and the visual change instrument become statesman thrilling;
5. Wow Seek! has both Chinese and Spin versions; arise and conjoin fishermen all over the world!
6. Most importantly, Wow Fish! team has been continuously employed rigorous to change the job by adding author assemblage and strategies. Appear discharge to aver us some ferine ideas you person in your mind!

Wow Fish! can be run in devices with distinct revolutions. No concern you bed a 1280*800 paper PC with or a 480*320 changeable maneuver, you can ever savour the deep ocean views in Wow Search!.
Wow Search! is mature by Sun Perception, which is an practiced play militia focusing on perambulating games, cultural games and web games for umpteen life. Sun Priming truly welcomes you to visit our website.

Authoritative Website:
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