TubeMate YouTube Downloader v1.05.18 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.0+

v1.05.18 update:
- Fix keyboard problem in hunt
- Record the preferences for advance
- Fix the bug of auto-retry
- Fix the bug of hindermost button
- Make folder in choosing folder
- Add recording folder to download table

TubeMate is agency for Enjoying YouTube(, collateral videos, favorites and Downloading them to SD in various qualities

! Fastest YouTube downloader !
* Stay (TubeX is a individual of TubeMate)
TubeMate YouTube Downloader enables you to quickly admittance, activity, portion, and download YouTube videos.
Because downloading ever happens in the ground, you can go on watching YouTube, surfboarding the Internet, tweeting, and sensing to your penalty as you download.

* Quick download mode(with multiplex connections)
* Septuple download resolve options (the getable options depend on the degree of the uploaded video and your figure)
* Downplay, multi-download
* Exchange to MP3 (supercharged by MP3 Media Converter)
* List as video/audio(powered by Town Participant)
* Acquire your recording finds via Google Bombilation, Chirrup, Facebook, or e-mail at the tap of a secure
* YouTube search and enatic videos suggestions
* Book pick videos to your YouTube reason, make playlists

320x240: low-end devices
640x360: unspecialized devices
1280x720(HD): high-end devices
1920x1080(Full-HD): GalaxyTab,PC
640x360, 854x480(FLV) : Automaton 2.1 and over

Special Thanks to Move volunteers:
Roan67(Nation), HendriX(Italiano), Gadrinium(Nipponese), Rob(Land), Ainomx(Nation), Educoinago(Portuguese-Brazil), Adigehalil(Turki), Mobde3(Semite), Olina(Asian), Roan67(Carver), Per(Scandinavian), Dennis(Nation)
Marcio(Lusitanian), Ainomx(Nation), Swedish(William), Fedor(European, Slovak) Horvath(Magyar), Suurmeijer(Nation), Techiebird(Nation)