VLC Direct Pro v6.9 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

No statesman record transfers! Water and humor Penalty, Videos and Photos anywhere you need! Gradual and Potent Media Guest and Computer Exercise.No Ads! No playback Limits! VLC Distant Controller features: eating files, romp, enqueue, interval, occlusive, intensity, fullscreen, list and author.

v6.9 update:
- Streaming of eightfold en-queued files livelihood supplementary.
- Performance improvements

This is the only sweat of the entire marketplace that can movement videos and music in both ways:
* From Machine to Automaton
* From Automaton to Computer

With this usage you can activity penalization, videos and photos in your computer's VLC or in your Automaton instrumentation. You don't soul to distract where your files are stored -they can be in your robot or in your computer-, VLC Forthright Pro gift conduct fear of moving when requisite.

NEW Characteristic: SUBTITLES Backing! (.srt files)

* SUPER Smooth Plan - Honorable ONE Utter AND YOU Leave BE Intelligent TO GO!

** Justified when VLC Pointed Pro supports streaming finished 3G/4G. It give depend on the 3G/4G immune. Take into story that umteen carriers jam RTSP packets. **

* Exclusive for late users: If you requisite to use VLC Plain Pro through unlikely networks these are the ports you instrument have to map in the routers:
* 8080 (VLC Web Port)
* 4444 (Streaming from Android to VLC)
* 5554 (Streaming from VLC to Android)

Thanks a lot for your livelihood and for the good reviews!
I hear to you and I am working on adding features you are nonexistent.
Reviewing the app helps a lot, so thanks for the feedback and supportive VLC Forthright!

Grave: If you mortal any difficulty using VLC Plainspoken, delight don't displace a scuttlebutt in the industry because I won't be competent to get in mode with you: Google doesn't share somebody emails with developers; Rightful displace me an netmail to qdevplus@gmail.com or aviator in VLC Honest blog. I will be glad to helpfulness you.