Go Launcher Vending Machine v1.8 Theme Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

This idea requires the GoLauncher Lodging Equal usage to wreak. It is not an app you can run. Download GoLauncher from ApkBin if you don't fuck it already.

v1.8 update:
- Much Icons supplementary, line additions
- v1.7 Image Optimisation
- v1.6 Initial Accomplishment

* It includes over 50 customised app icons (and enumeration)
* 2 choices of cover - 4x4 housing picture cookware and a 5x5 lodging painting cookware. (Carte - Cover - Go Wallpaper)
* Interval for widgets without breaking the motif
* For good results and leading meaning I'd suggest the 5x5 picture residence cookware falsehood. (Carte - Preferences - Door Settings - Network Situation)
* Also- In Preferences - Block Settings - untick the "Normal/ Likeness" checkbox under "location homescreen shift") this faculty break the cover sliding around so your snacks fit in perfectly
* You should also set your app drawer to 5X5 painting network for the optimal results. (Agenda - Preferences - App Container Settings - Grid Filler)