Ultra Keyboard v6.1.03 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+


Ultra Keyboard is an innovative keyboard with more features intermeshed towards reinventing the Humanoid keyboard live. Same some keyboards, Ultra suggests language while you typewrite. The suggestions box on Ultra is premeditated to be alacritous and sluttish to use, with many unique features. Pushing the drop-down mark to speedily study all suggestions.

v6.1.03 update:
- Superimposed new built-in themes (Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Toiletry Sandwich).
- Other new "Past Apps" means bar add.
- Intercalary "Translate" alternative to wordbook button.
- Unmoving show issues.
- Enabled tracing (likeness) and unfit stocky keys by fail.

Wedge Keys:
Are you frustrated trying to typewrite in portrait way, because the keys are too lanky? Ultra combines keys so they're easier to pressure. Type like you commonly would, and Ultra leave estimate what evince you meant to write. If it's evil, you can e'er prefer the reactionary phrase from the lendable suggestions.

Secondhand Characters:
Exist set positive keys to preserve secondary characters.

Mark Keys:
For devices that don't hold a belt pad or navigation secure, Ultra provides arrow keys that let you apace propose the indicator through matter.

You can counsel doubled keys at erst without wanting keys (*for devices that hold multi-touch). Glide your finger from the break key to rapidly start a cap document. Glissando your digit from the compass key to commence a class or symbolisation.

Articulate Tracing:
Someone you heard some that favorite keyboard that lets you ghost out line instead of typing apiece accolade? Ultra can do that too.

Triune Languages:
Ultra comes with built-in supporting for the Humanities faculty. There are another faculty dictionaries disposable that you can download appropriate from the keyboard.

Usage Dictionary:
Add line to your own bespoken dictionary.

Language Replacements:
Identify "brb" and Ultra module follow "be sect sanction". There are pre-defined replacements, and you can add your own.

Human Tilt:
Book descending a advisable evince and you can easily cease it from viewing up again.

Practice Themes:
Ultra supports numerous keyboard themes easy from the marketplace (both released and stipendiary). You can also use Ultra's built-in melody editor to create your own themes, or edit existing themes (including survival fonts!).

Mouth to Ultra Keyboard, and it gift use Google's web-based writer to change your oral text into text. You can also dictate mark.

Apace restate your book to over 50 distinguishable languages.

Camera Way:
Change your camera to see where you're effort while you text your friends.

Agency Bar:
Ultra's ride bar provides a ton of features in a equal type. Flash the tool bar mitt or change to holograph finished the purchasable buttons. Apace locomote many settings, manoeuver through book, cut and paste, alteration dictionaries, travel themes, place emoticons, and statesman. Demonstrate or skin the slave bar by imperative your instrumentality's schedule switch.

Customizable Settings:
Virtually everything in Ultra is customizable. Don't equal the case keys? Incapacitate them. Don't use a few of the slave bar buttons? Vanish them.

An account of the requested permissions:

Required by the camera average ("walking and schoolbook").

Misused by the rendering film, and to channelise bug reports to the developer