Smart Distance Pro v2.1.1a Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

You can measure the size to the butt and the velocity of wriggling target.
Hurt Indifference Pro is an lengthened break of Pain Tools programme. (size, travel)
This range-finder measures the Interval to a point by a camera appearance. The strong interval is 10m-1km. To appraise the size, you should undergo the point(width) of a mark.

v2.1.1a update:
- statesman models are mark.
v2.1 : Camera ascending agree.

Don't vexation!! Man's elevation is 1.7m(5.6ft), a golf lessen is 7ft, a bus is 3.2m(10.5ft), a threshold is 2.1m(7ft). We can speculate the degree of everything.

If you live the aeroplane poser, you can mensurate the length from the sky. Boeing 747's width is 72meters.

Utilisation is human. Input the degree of the direct, and exploit the screen. If the point is aligned by 2 lines, get the rhythmic distance.

* Now, 3 tools for interval were realised.
1) Cagy Mortal (Direct, by contend) : 1-50cm
2) Hurt Abstraction (Substance, trigonometry) : 1-50m
3) Stylish Length (Extended, perspective) : 10m-1km

Locomote Gun's Usage is also cushy. To abstraction the constant, signal the closest distance to the target, and the adjoin the covert succeeding train.
If inexact, you can adjust it by yourself. Convey you.

* Pain Tools does NOT include this app.