TwoNav v2.4.4 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Twonav for Android! The champion Outdoorsy GPS! Perspective maps (oversized collection), prepare/edit/follow your tracks, modify your data panels (ongoing altitudes, hurrying,graphics, range title, etc.) and virtuous savour your activities. Swing, functional, hiking, biking or virtuous close around.

v2.4.4 update:
- Sympathy with no-OpenGL devices
- Solves the ID dynamical when reset to plant failure
- Exertion does not correct events overlapping to toolbar dinamic elements (VC, close waypoint,...)

TwoNav has the unsurpassable tools.

Mention: Continuing use of GPS flowing in the information can dramatically fall bombardment sentence.

MAPS: online, offline, no extent

>>Unlimited and Emancipated Online MAP included:

- Instinct reporting of Espana and Italy with geography (1:25 000) and orthophotos (50cm/pixel).

- Brimming amount of USA and Canada with geographics maps from MyTopo (enhanced and seamless edition of USGS

dataset, with US Flora Accommodation updates, and the authoritative DRCan maps).

- OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap Interval Map worldwide reportage.

(To receive all these maps, accept the option to download choice assemblage at position launch).

>>Load your OWN MAPS:

- Modify some map types and formats (.map,.jpg,.gif, .tif, etc) with our inexact CompeGPS Country PC type disposable at

- TwoNav includes an FTP computer to download and upload your collection into your Golem real easily and speedily.

>>A giant portfolio of geography maps for OFFLINE operation:

- CompeGPS has the biggest topographic map portfolio from formalized procedure agencies: Spain (IGN), France(IGN), Germany (BKG), Suomi, Svizzera, Holland, Belgium, Chile… all in the advisable fleck lendable. The widest topographic map portfolio in the market!

- Download by tiles or zones (depending on the state) in and use it in your Golem offline.

(Due to the limitations of Humanoid's operative (which affects all Robot applications), TwoNav exclusive supports 2 GB-files. In person of large maps, you should divide them into individual file sizes up to 2 GB)

Win YOUR DATA: simplified, mighty

- Limitless tracks, routes and waypoints
- Create, delete and persevere them flat on your Iphone
- Manoeuver Direction up or Grounds up to improve fit your needs
- Sympathy with GPX, PLT separate but also CompeGPS own initialize (size-efficient and feature-rich)

Trail YOUR Show

- Your height with the maximal exactitude (fix application to apply geoid reprimand for outperform accuracy)
- Reach, altitude represent and aggregation page
- Many than 60 on-screen stumble stats (speed, calculate motion, chronometer, estimated period and indifference to destination, collected angle, maximum alt, coordinates, sunset/sunrise time…)

Intentional FOR Golem

Portrait or landscape
GPS Bar transcription with the strain off (up to 50% shelling saving!)

ONROAD Work: 2 GPS in 1 (only maps for Galilean lendable)

Purchasing a Tele Column Vmap in website present appropriate you to change the Onroad norm of TwoNav without software difference (retributive swing the maps in maps folder). With all the classic GPS car officer features, you faculty
gestate all the powerfulness of your TwoNav multiple work. Main features (if unlocked):

- Turn-by-turn line counseling
- Motion limit/camera alerts
- Seek by address, map, story...
- Favorites manager
- Tangency recalculation quantify