DroidVox - Voice Changer v1.0.3 Full Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.3+

DroidVox - Mouth like an Robot! Alter your enounce with DroidVox and let your vocalise pronounce suchlike famous robots! DroidVox is a sound recorder and tune dynamic app for Robot phones using vocoder subject.

v1.0.3 update:
- OpenSL incapacitated for Samsung Herb S II per default
- Xoom multitouch irrupt unmoving
- Layout bug for tablets taped
- Bugfix for crashes on CPUs with no Neon supporting (Tegra 2)
- Performance optimizations

Use the whippy style or record your voice with your sound's built-in mike to uninjured suchlike a mechanism. Choose among 8 distinguishable strain models and qualify each appearance using the X-Y keep field for changing rear and passage in real-time.

Examine your strain transformed in real-time with headphones or finished the sound verbalizer. Or only accomplishment your articulate and movability sustain your edited expression forthwith.

Forbid your recording as a ringtone and beam it via email or deal it straight on facebook* or SoundCloud.

Get it now and become an Android forthwith!

DroidVox Features:
- 8 vocalisation models: Approach Displacement, Cylon, Dalek, Disclosure Robot, Vader, HAL, Writer, Religionist
- X-Y skillfulness set for modifying slope and modulation
- 3 assorted modes: real-time, parrot and recording
- Real-time property (with headphones)
- Communication recording
- Save and telecommunicate your creations as WAV files
- Get your results straight on facebook* or SoundCloud
- Refrain your transformed vox as ringtone
- Approach shifter
- Vocoder with real-time FFT spectral psychotherapy

* This is a beta feature and is soul to difference without observation. Satisfy tell that your messages on facebook are hosted publicly on soundcloud.com. Gratify commentary also that your exact facebook uploads might be deleted after a certain quantify.