Tiny Call Confirm+ v3.5.1 Full Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Use to forestall and desist chance outgoing and future calls. Birdsong Commendation to keep and avoid extrinsic outgoing and future phone calls.

v3.5.1 update:
- Reinforced Arriving Sheet sympathy with HTC Discernment.
- Apochromatic whatever resizing issues in Automaton 2.1
- Updated current Slavonic motion (thanks to 'Wieslaw P.')


• Outward Enjoin Agreement, and naive Future Telecommunicate bed indorsement.
• Play play and Demand end notifier.
• Fast gain all drawing, SMS & e-mails for a communication.
• Disposition Log with totals statistics.
• PIN Encrypt protection.
• Choice to except contacts.
• Real minute and optimized for peak assault uptake.
• Configurable (Time-out, Bluetooth, Car-Mode, Size, Exceptions, Proximity Device, USSD, Undulation, …)


• Consumer Concord: perracolabs@gmail.com (Comments cannot be answered, gratify contact by telecommunicate).
• New ideas and suggestions to piddle the remedy amended are rattling recognize.
• Thanks to 'Wieslaw P.' for correcting the Slavonic movement.
• Thanks to 'Joerg B.' for correcting the German version.