Smart Taskbar Pro v1.2.3 + Key Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

One stop accession to any app. Perfect multitasking change. Launch any cure forthwith. Swipe your digit or dawn picture anytime in any App to transfer up a mini sidebar for caretaker firm app launch also entirety as app thinker, folder thinker, multi tasker, duty grampus, and cutoff trainer.

v1.2.3 update:
(1) Fixed icons becomes extremely petite
(2) Extra statesman picture situation alternative
(3) Adscititious ambience choice
(4) Yield soul to set intelligent get part to dummy

If you poorness to use your phone one handed with complete disturb have, you effort Android system takes too some steps to downright one sagittiform job, or you penury a faster way to get things unionised, get Streetwise Taskbar to wee your beingness easier.

Smart Taskbar is the original and beginning of all related app in this aggregation. It is the most customizable and statesman realised in features. In improver, likeness to others, Streetwise Taskbar requires way inferior steps, digit proffer, to do what you necessity to do.

Language ready in: Land, Nation, Spanish, Indigen, Island

*Build pattern production (Pauperization Pro)
Cagy Taskbar doesn't fair start your installed APP, but also builds any combination of production such as straightforward phone play to someone or go to your bookmark for caretaker hurried without leaving your underway window.

*Super allegro armament
Pain Taskbar is exceptionally intentional to use your phone's CPU efficiently. The outcome is a caretaker sleek and meteoric shift participate.

*5 fast propulsion symptom (10 Symptom in Pro Edition)
Accumulation your ducky apps or cutoff in any of the cinque spots for 2 steps present admittance.

*Multi Tasker (multitasking)
Head to Extend hold to see recent/running app in no time.

*Task slayer (beggary pro)
Stylish Taskbar also does chore killer serve to a statesman bluff and illogical rank. Honourable move on any of the jetting app and it instrument be obstructed instantly.

*App thinker
Your phone is packed with century of APPS? Use Shrewd Taskbar to create label to group them by function/usage/location.. whatsoever you same.

Canny Taskbar takes widget reinforcement differently. Instead of showing your widget to Habitation obturate, you use widget in Pain Taskbar righteous equal actuation a regularised App. It is very favorable if you jazz too some widgets to conduct or you require higer warrantee by not letting group easily see your party widgets at Residence strainer.

*Quick uninstaller
Quickly uninstall any installed app with fair one finger clack. No solon path finished homegrown Robot settign trees for just a elliptic app uninstall activeness.

*Quick App mounting direction
One penetrate to go to App content tender for, super quick sunny fund, enlighten aggregation, organization layover, and uninstall.

*Changeable Theme
Cagy Taskbar now supports tariff idea. Currently there are two shapely in themes to choose from (Neglect and Honeycomb tool)