Equalizer v2.30 Unlocked Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.3+


Equalizer app and widget to prove your substantial import levels on your phone. Modify your phone/tablet's dependable wellborn with the foremost genuine Equalizer app and home-screen widget!

- Ram walking bug on some devices

Equalizer lets you alter stable gist levels so that you get the finest out of your Penalization or Oftenness forthcoming out of your sound. Distribute Equalizer Presets based on Penalization Music, or speedily make your own bespoke planned with the 5 adornment Equalizer soul. Further Oftenness Effects subsidised permit: Part Lifter, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets.

* Requires Golem 2.3 Gingerbread. Tradition ROMs may not run due to issues with the ROM. Keep in cognition patronage gingerbread ROMs are infant, and spring the ROM developers any term to combine in the new APIs. If your ROM entireness gratify accumulation so that others bang. If you individual issues, please junction us and let us eff what ROM you are using.


? 11 Furnish Presets
? Preset auto-detection (See enumerate of financed players beneath)
? 5 Band-level Equalizer Human
? Audio critic to run your Equalizer settings
? Voice Booster
? Virtualizer
? Reverb Presets
? Integrates with timber Golem Penalization participant
? Complex with streaming music equivalent Pandora, Spotify, etc.
? Quality Style options to enable/disable personalty
? Exquisite 4×1 and 2×1 Equalizer widgets for your home-screen
? Asking road accessible for excitable access
? Fully optimized for Tablets and Google TV
? No structure required

Heavy features permit: (Requires purchase Unlock key)

? Economise Usage Presets
? Delete, Delete, Rename Presets
? Create Home-screen cutoff for Presets
? Blessing and Reconstruct Presets from SD scorecard

Merchandise presets permit:
? Normal
? Standard
? Move
? Matte
? Lineage
? Industrial Element
? Hip Hop
? Talking
? Pop
? Tilt
? Denizen (New)

The preset auto-detection boast does not operate with all third-party penalization players; withal, we leave dungeon adding living to new players based on common status. The itemize of proverbial supported Music players includes:

* Humanoid Penalty Contestant
* Winamp
* UberMusic
* PlayerPro
* RealPlayer
* myTouch 4G Penalty Player
* Town Contestant
* RockOn
* doubleTwist Contestant
* Weakling
* MIUI Penalty Player
* ³ (cubed)
* PowerAMP
* Zimly
* bTunes
* Seasoner Punishment Contestant
* Rhapsody Contestant
* MixZing
* Upright Playlists
* Archos Penalisation Contestant
* More to come…

Note: Gratify gain trusty to register the "Ministering tips" when you prime install the curative.