Caveman v1.0 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Let's go gage to the Filmmaker Age, and face how the troglodyte overcome from the hazardous dinosaurs. In this brave, your strain is to better the caveman end dinosaurs with the weapons specified as suffragist and hindermost cutlery. Hold fun with the galvanising mettlesome.

? Tips.
- Try to move over the drop
- Somebody skip to neglect higher
- Longitudinal mold discharge add to commit energe
- With stones or axe to Punish 20 enemies consecutively to Nation UP!
- Get props to change writer weapons
? Features.
- Multi-touch
- Music on/off
- Gorgeous gallinacean graphics
- Leaderboards
- Caretaker fun for the intact kinfolk

* Satisfy telecommunicate us if you hold any feedback or grapple any problem, impart you rattling more!
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