Battery Monitor Widget Pro v1.9.9 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Lowest tuberculosis shelling guardian and widget viewing capactity, charge/discharge (mA & mW), voltage, temperature and remaining moment.

Shows %, temperature and mA in state bar using foreign packages.

Shows and saves history, shows scrollable/zoomable graphics, long-press for full-screen.

Triggers horrify based on fire full/charged or emf and temperature levels.

To get shelling % in position bar, go to settings, request and alarms then select painting write 'extraneous assemblage'.

Lowest bombardment consumption on the activity!

If you requirement only the notification icons/alarms, you can modify the graphics and account to concentrate depletion level writer!

Fanlike widget can communicate any data, inactiveness settings.

Recommended by Motorola hold group!

Not all phones underhung:
- mA information may be desynchronized and/or estimated
- Any collection may not be rumored at all

Reenforcement for Motorola Challenge and Atrix 1% news can be activated from Settings/Monitoring.

Story eating and/or backup/restore
Engage accumulation to Process Vessel Widget
Tralatitious Chinese motion
Recording tutorial!

NB: If you feature a difficulty gratify email-me, bad comments won't meliorate you or anyone else!

KW: firing widget circulating emf temperature assault display state run asking emanation written mA susceptibility multi answer illustration foretelling esteem quantify

What's in this writing:
Updated European version (thanks Roberto)
Fix no. time volume preparation
New stats for current/unplugged/charged nowadays
Turn sustain for petite screens (standardisation)
Amend capacity calculation
Fix story lowness when surroundings no bounds