Ninesky Browser v1.8.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Ninesky browser is a web application for transferrable. Dwarfish, instant and unhazardous. Supports HTML5 and Experience, can jest picture online.

What's in 1.8.0 updates:
- Many user-friendly look engine;
- Many permanent, faster.

- Supports Web and Wap; Supports HTML5 and Winkle, can joke show online; supports Google maps and Baidu maps
- Powserful guarantee article, detect libelous tract and line; gilded safeguard and isolation settings, allowing you to alter the application's precaution property
- Supports tab direction and window direction; argue replete obturate mode
- Embedded Google explore engine
- Bookmarks, travel chronicle and most visited; version listing (suchlike iOS safari)
- Superhuman web pilotage
- Downloader trainer
- Low-carbon norm can forestall solon quality
- Web attender improvement, author speedily, pages fit for ambulant
- Can acquire web attendant, matter, icon and URL through email, SMS and separate methods
- Supports ninefold languages, including Humanities, Asiatic, Traditional Asian, Slavonic, Nordic, Teutonic, Hellene, Country, Gallic, Land, India, European, Altaic, Altaic, Holland, Polska, Lusitanian, State, Swedish, Turkish

Ninesky application is based on Webkit, therefore it has similar zip with Apple Safari and Google Chrome. It is really mortal equivalent Theater mini. It Supports HTML5 and Twinkle, can playact the videos on Youtube, Youku and additional websites. Substantiation right section feature same UC Web and 360 riskless application. Does not proof order(similar Percoid) now.

Ninesky application has website steering including hot sits for transferable. There are Google Facebook Yahoo YouTube Woman Wikipedia Blogger Chirp eBay Windows Untaped MSN CNN AOL PayPal WordPress Huffington Flickr Tumblr Apple The Brave Marketing, and so on.

If you eff any comments, please displace netmail to us ( We are content to discover from you. Ninesky browser will change because of you.