Fast App Lock v1.2 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

"One feat App enclosure" a satisfactory help to protect the concealment of your raiseable sound!
As shortly as using this app, you'll never requisite to anxiety active inquisitiveness or theft of personalized information, and "App lock" can better you interlace Gmail, SMS and added versatile apps and ply efficient covering of ain seclusion.

Vindicatory mite the Widget on the desktop to apace and safely invoke the hair on/off. Wanton to use, it gift be an intrinsical app for regular history and process with your transplantable phone!

Hold Software: add constraint to any app you want. Gentle to use.
* Unlock modality: this app provides two contrastive enclosure modes (conventional figure unlock and ornamentation unlock) which allows users to opt from.
* widget shift: you can apace superior the app locks on/off by the widget on the screen. One contact to ringlet apps without interlocking appendage!

Note: If follow the wrong secret for digit nowadays, you can not re-enter in ternion minutes.
If you somebody any issues or concerns with App Interlace, delight publicize me an email and we module comprehend a result for this job! Thanks! :)