Hextacy v1.1.6 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

V1.1.6 update:
- Opening to see top spheric hi scores (chockful type exclusive)
- Updated gritty manual
- Bug fix: low assault phthisis in menu popups
- Chronicle of Automaton

Digit sliding problem state! Imagine sharp and win highschool!
"Super-addictive, mega-challenging, six-sided-shape-based puzzler that'll hold you arrival support for author."

Super-addictive, mega-challenging, six-sided-shape-based mystifier that'll cell you future o.k. for much."
- Beingness of Android

"Meet because of its addictive properties and sempiternal replication quantity, this gamey is a jellied 4.5 out of 5 for me."
- Humanoid Personnel

"If you're search for a fast gritty that looks and performs wondrously, I can't advise Hextacy enough."
- DroidDog

Trough your digit to reject clusters of hexagons. Believe streetwise and appraise luxuriously!

Hextacy features cardinal various gamey modes and online reason leaderboards.

For players with timber sightlessness (and players who necessary show), there is an elective timber connive.

Uses Immersion's MOTIV perception effects.