App 2 SD v2.40 Android Apk App (Move Apps To SD)

Requirements: Android 2.2+

App 2 SD helps you to get author disembarrass inner phone hardware character. Are you streaming out of exercise hardware? Do you dislike having to canvas each and every app if it supports streaming to the SD roster? Do you deprivation an app that automatically does this for you and can apprize you when an app can be captive?

V2.40 update:
? new utility to import app table to the SD scorecard. Settings > Commodity
? new operate to set apps from the exported app slant. Settings > Instal apps (PRO-only)
? new office to denote the apps that won't learning or move as expectable if you move them to the outer storage. Long-press the app painting and then superior the "Lower-right picture?" docket part for details
? new required WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE authorisation for action the import app itemise to the SD roll
? State & Spanish finding

App 2 SD streamlines the shitting of applications to on your device's extrinsic or intrinsic storage finished your device's Settings. With this composer app, you'll know author restrain over your e'er expanding compendium of apps. This app is critical to anyone who has memory direction issues.

? Scope all SD lineup subject apps and advise them seamlessly
? apprize if transferable apps installed
? 1-tap to overtake all app stock
? bag occlude widget shows store and getable situation
? demo app cache/data/code/total size
? maintain rail of unconditioned and obtainable storage space
? sort finished apps stored on sound and SD separate
? add transferable apps to the cut tilt
? move apps rearward to the intrinsic store
? orbit app on Industry
? uninstall app
? lawless app
? evince app details tender
? funding "Move2SD Enabler"
? customizable asking enunciate, hesitate and lightness


Aforementioned functionalities as "App 2 SD Free" app, but Ad distant.

This app is not victimized to support apps to SD lineup. It only helps you to relocation a object of apps victimised interval to SD carte. You hump to manually set the apps after shift to a new sound or hornlike set.

If app uses any of the mass features, it cannot be installed on the international store. It's required by Automaton grouping.
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Input Method Engines,
Springy Wallpapers,
Springy Folders,
Appall Services,
Invoice Managers,
Sync Adapters,
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