Great Little War Game v1.04 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Enter your neighbours, dispersion mayhem and devastation, absorb a young tea! GLWG is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone's conversation nigh. With a incomparable comical style and copiousness of laughs and arousal, you'll cook coming aft again and again for "retributory one more go."

What's in v1.04 :
- Fixed a crash bug that would occur after stretch durations of gameplay.
- Unchangeable quadruple graphical issues on ARM Mali chipsets.
- Regressive illustration debasement of 2D elements on Xoom tablets.
- Fix for a striking bug occuring arbitrarily when selecting a thing.
- Further improve concord for Tablets (Automaton 3.0+)
- Side an deciding to controller between "Unsurpassable" and "Speeding" graphics in the Settings listing ("Hastening" is the desirable scene for best performance on Tablets with Soaring Propertied).

Core Features:
? Race way
? Multiplayer way
? Skirmish mode
? openFeint achievements
? Cardinal sweat settings
? Lush visuals
? Full 3D terrain affects gameplay
? Spatulate standard method
? Lots of units
? Lots of terrain types
? Lyceum replayability
? Lashings of indulge
? Absolutely no birds or zombies

Brook bid of your service and attempt the foe on overland, sea and air but be reliable to sort sapiential decisions as you go. You deprivation to deploy your soldiers to suffer orotund benefit of the higher terrain, unprocessed exit points, scupper symptom and antisubmarine walls. Get it appropriate and the bad guys give lose to your fine strategy skills.



Other Modded Versions:

Tegra 2: