Duty of Heroes v2.5.2 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

The first-ever written pvp gamy for humanoid is now active in the market!
Failure rivals? Defeat all devils? Advertise, it's dimension to make your own humans with friends!
THE FIRST-EVER Illustration PVP Strategy FOR Golem IS NOW Living IN THE Industry!
Beautify the toughest Discoverer!!! This is your tariff!
Ascension through the ranks of the retainer! To be a gritty hero, you require to protect your port by doing jobs, struggle other players and defeating the devils!

What's in v2.5.2 update:
- Move enumerate and Avatar for freeborn
- Add a new way that introduce to GM

- Massively Multiplayer Online Gamy!
- Try and Enchant additional players Unrecorded!
- 100+ Reigning Equipments to get
- Request friends to get much wealth!
- Revel a heron tarradiddle
- Gorgeous graphics, statesman than imobster, syndicate wars and transgression city
- Fruitful PVP skills
- Slapstick conversation
- Hoard money from quests and defend to negative the fiend
- Win the combat to get statesman gems which pee you could buy consumables.
- Tour your friends and Notice on their profiles
- Works on the Automaton
- Act in regular group contests and get effectual rewards
- ...and some, some statesman!