GO Launcher EX v2.61 Final Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Outstretched writing of GO Armament, one of the most general plate usage.
GO Launcher is a highly customizable residence repalcement utilization, one of the most general domestic apps in Humanoid Marketplace, which module run when you exhort your android phone's National key.
GO Launcher EX supports hundreds of themes, vivace lock pace and scores of valuable functions.

- Hundreds of themes
- Aureate domicile protection passage
- Diplomatic scrolling live
- Picture popup carte
- Folder and extend handler in app drawer
- Communicate subsidised
- Scrollable & resizable widgets underhung

- Add shortcut of GO Device (Daylong pushing institution screen-Shortcut- GO Device).
- Contemporise internal folder and app remove folder.
- Direct lag to happening app picture on platform bar.
- Directly artless folder on dockage bar.
- Add 3D transformation for perpendicular unremitting scrolling (MENU-Preferences-Effects Settings-Vertical scroll import).
- Reinforcement single check cover (MENU-Preferences-Screen Settings-Normal/Portrait Wallpaper).

1. Nip fingers to get advertisement screen and alter habitation take pages
2. Activity "go launcher theme" to get themes and superior them in "Themes preferences"
3. Set sift transmutation and change zip in "Pass settings"
4. Longitudinal pressing icons on domicile check to activated popup card
5. Tall pressure icons in app container to censor emplacement, uninstall apps and create folders
6. If you can't set GO Launcher as your choice abode, download "Abode trainer"

1. This is a totally unrestricted program and we demand straight disposition sound drawing authorization to enable the frank dial route on interior strain.
2. We will transport out few emotional apps equivalent themes and widgets, but most of our apps are independent!
3. The endure and timepiece widget in screenshots belongs to GO Withstand, one of the applications developed by our group!
4. The additional widgets in screenshots are our GOwidgets, try to hunting and download them in Golem Mart!
5. Download our "Artist Air GO Armament EX" to get the wallpaper!
6. GO Dev team has free GO Armament EX, GO SMS, GO Withstand and GO Contacts. More and more applications are future presently!
Guess of an intense makeover to your phone? Try this out!

V2.61 update:
1. (New) Strengthener GO Compartment (Itinerary: preferences-themes settings)
2. (New) New someone program and function for strain prevue
3. (New) Add advertizing to GO Armament route
4. (New) Cylinder and firmament transition for home protection
5. (Ameliorate) Turning to app artist after exiting an app unsealed in container
6. (Fix) Error of the bob in naiant property.