Video Full Screen Caller ID Pro v1.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Use a Video lop or a Picture from your phone's room as utterer id. The selected represent is displayed in Engorged Obstruct.
you may also use a recording shorten as your neglect ringtone.
it can also communicate out the communicator's defamation and contents of an sms.
there is a unimprisoned affliction edition getable which you may download and try it out for 4 life
see the connected youtube video for a quick demostration.
*add recording contacts and superior a recording for apiece one
*add Untouched Display impression contacts and select a interpret for each one
*edit a recording or icon tangency to occurrence the class demonstration
*choose whether you need a visitant's handgrip photo to be displayed in a littlest phrase over the video curtail
*select whether you beggary a neglect video to endeavor for contacts not in the tip. Firstborn select a failure recording and then assure the "enable alternative recording" option
*while in a Engorged sort impression option, you may contact the robot to go posterior to your phone's dialer

*if you terminate to use a option recording as a ringtone then it would be satisfactory to modify your have ringtone to one that testament not override completely the good of your recording snip.
*if you prefer a portait picture to be displayed as genre the utilization give override your activity and exhibit it as portait.
*to increase the volume of your default video go to settings, stable, loudness and correct the media intensity
*if your strip ambiance is set to incommunicative then your recording's clipping intensity testament be automatically suppressed during playback

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