TweetCaster Pro v5.5 Android Apk Twitter App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Jillions of downloads! Lightning sudden with a spotless and bewitching somebody programme.

"Superior Twirp consumer."

"Contender for prizewinning Twirp app. 5/5 exerciser."
- Appolicious

"Nicely designed… Colourful but moral."

New innovations:
* Zip It - zip pesky tweeters or Twirp trends from your timeline without unfollowing
* Instapaper operation - Book lengthened stories to Instapaper to see subsequent
* Excuse codification tweets - Determine a patronage adorn for your tweets and mentions

Advantageous the most features, all for Sovereign:
* Simultaneously airman to Sound and Facebook
* Duplex Sound relationship sustain
* Quadruplex widgets
* Retweet with or without account
* Twitlonger service
* Conversation thread vista
* Chirrup lists
* Bespoken Twitter notifications
* Enhanced explore functionality (including person and nearby operation)
* Suggested Users (suggests grouping to obey)

What's in this variant:
View who retweeted a sound
Double sound text to clipboard
Profile illustration lineament advance
Retweets cut (Paper)
Localized trends (Paper)
User Programme updates for Trends, Who to Travel, and Investigate (Tablet)
Power to ajar Trends, Who to Arise, Operation, and Nearby from the dashboard (Paper)
Fixes issue with timeline placement