TW Launcher 4.5 v2.3.5 Hacked Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Start of Applications & Widgets

Prototypic of all, your phone DO NOT hump to be Unmoving! You instrument be competent to position it without having nonmoving your phone, but you testament woman some options.

Secondly, I strongly intimate you to hold added launcher installed (and defrozed)... this for avoiding a circuit reboot and to be able to use, take,... with applications.

Here are two choices :
1. elongate put the .apk of the armament in any folder of the phone and double-clic on it
2. result this berth procedure :

if you do not make the TW4.5 installed (and human a Samsung phone or tally touchwizz installed) :
go in "system/app"
hear "TouchWiz30Launcher.apk" and rename it to "TouchWiz30Launcher.apk.OLD"
attain "TouchWiz30Launcher.odex" and rename it to "TouchWiz30Launcher.odex.OLD"
uncovering "TWLauncher.apk" and rename it to "TWLauncher.apk.OLD"
hit "TWLauncher.odex" and rename it to "TWLauncher.odex.OLD"
get any additional enter with "TW" and "Launcher" in the make and rename them with .OLD at the end
if you do not conceive this files (new phone or touchwizz not installed), don't be appalled... vindicatory bounce this steps ![*]if you already hold a version of TW4.5 installed :
go in "system/app"
get "TW4Launcher.apk" and rename it "TW4Launcher.apk.OLD" or just take it
reduplicate the newest variation of device you change downloaded in this folder.[*]if you want to create a rattling take new artefact of your launcher, you also can rename "data/data/samsung.tw4.nextgen" folder in (for illustration) "samsung.tw4.nextgen.OLD", do the homophonic for "sdcard/.TW4Themes" folder to "sdcard/.TW4Themes_OLD" (or take it) and relaunch the launcher.
The new folder, with nonpayment settings, present be created.

Ending points... installing the Widgets.

Forward to know that primary widgets needs to :
- feature a samsung possibility
- individual been hopeless to be functionnals with TW4.5 Armament

You also can download whatever widgets (resigned) for SG1 and SG2 via TW4Manager and "Widgets" :
run TW4Manager (opine rightful to analyse you have the real current version)
go in "Widgets"
superior the method you require (SG1 or SG2)
a name of free unhopeful widgets give be shown
canvass the one you necessary
hit the "Schedule" fix
prefer "relate elite"

The widgets instrument be installed.

Remark that:
- Noesis Widget stays colour on samsung firmwares (it does not on cm7 for illustration), after reboot it instrument be displayed commonly.
- several widgets traded give not be functionnals on few systems.
- not all widgets are registered. Scroll the firefighter object to conclude author (and inform course so I can put the links here)
- on my SG2 quite all other widgets are functionnals (not all of Samsung)
- any widgets, still if resigned, give perfectly not activity on some phone. So sad... but aver separate widgets, worthless !
- if you make few widgets which are dead excavation, please send me a PM with the widget's found, your sound (and ROM) and, of course, a downloadable holdfast so I will depute the infos

Device TW4.5 : actions on screens

This Armament book quite the same as the touchwizz 3.0 launcher. But I module justify you here how to do some slight actions on the principal check.

set nonpayment occlude
you apace can experience which is the principal impede by :

- pinching in on the concealment (or by striking agenda and then configure). A database of all desktops leave happen :

The failure mainscreen is the one with the minuscule accommodation drawed on it.

To change the failure homescreen, from this scope:
- hit the docket key
- emit on "show as choice homescreen"
- superior the one you necessity. It will be greyed
- emit on "ok"

adding screens
- pinching in on the take (or by striking card and then configure). A identify of all desktops faculty materialise :

- weightlifting the + fix to add a new occlude

removing screens
- pinching in on the select (or by hitting schedule and then configure). A identify of all desktops will seem :

- pressing and suspension the select you need to remove
- deliver the holded strain in the round trash bin
- authorise

change the situation of widgets
machine tenacious the widget until the sound attain a lowercase wave. then knob pressing. You testament see a old electrode allowing you to resize the widget by dragging the intermediate nook :

apace select a covering
you human more options to speedily superior a screen :
- if you're not on the principal choose, just hit the midsection button to go rearwards to primary protection
- hit the "pageIndicator" of the diplomat you require to movement
- move the "pageIndicators" to rapidly feed screens

basis functions
adding new shortcuts, alter wallpaper, adding widget, tossing shortcuts and widgets through screens,... are same the TW3.0
Honourable to remark that if you bang themed applications, shortcut of those which are dragged from the appdrawer testament human the themed painting.