TouchText Software 1.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Make Your Typing Fun And Easy To Do

Our company has completed a revolutionary, alternative “keypad”, patented as TouchText ™, which we believe will be of great interest to you. We feel that it should be integrated into every Android phone, making the Android phone the only one on the market with this unique and user-friendly typing software.

The Product

Unbelievably, the same keyboard that has been used since the early days of typing is still in use today. When the typewriter was originally invented, the letters were organized from A-Z for easy access. With the A-Z format, typing was fast and easy. However, having the most common letters together in the A-Z format caused the keys on the old-fashioned typewriters to jam. To prevent jamming, the QWERTY keyboard was designed.

Today, with virtual keypads, there are no keys to jam so there is no reason to have a Qwerty order for the letters. Since the screens are too small to type with all ten fingers, most people now use one or two fingers to type on Android phones. This creates a need for a new typing software to accommodate this change in typing style.

We, at Alpha Touch, LLC, have designed typing software called TouchText ™ that uses a “keypad” that is lettered in order from A-Z. If you know the alphabet, you will know where to touch the screen to find a specific letter. There are no keys, just a row of letters from A-Z from which to choose. To make it even easier, all you have to do is touch the row of letters on the screen approximately where your desired letter is, and the five letters nearest to where you touched become larger. Slide your finger over to the letter you want, and when you lift your finger, the letter is typed. With practice, typing is much easier, faster and more accurate using this new software.

After you download the software, simply go to settings and choose Language and Keyboard. Once you are in Language and Keyboard, select your input method as TouchText and check off TouchText Keyboard as your choice of keyboard. Then return to your home screen and you are ready to type with TouchText.