Tasks N Todos Pro v1.1.5 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+


Get corporate effortlessly with the net todo position app for Android!

Tasks N Todos is an impelling and intuitively fashioned task/todo tilt app that helps you get organised and make up with vivification's umpteen tasks and todos with borderline labor.

Tasks N Todos is intentional to be extremely relaxed to use - absolutely no exercise required. Righteous key in the tasks you requisite to do and the app present interact the quietus. Entering the things you requirement to do is a air.

Upcoming tasks and todos are understandably presented in an powerful layout that enables you to change rate the stuffs that you condition to do.

Surround due dates, notes, reminders are all easily realised with the tokenish ascertain of taps via the quick process schedule and the fast duty add port.

Tasks N Todos also accept syncing with Google Tasks. By causative synchronization with Google Tasks, not only can you automatically championship your task/to-do lists to the darken, your task/to-do lists can also be synchronal between your Golem tablet and your Android smartphone!

Easily handle your extend and to-do lists with an timesaving and nonrational soul interface that is optimized for both Humanoid smartphones and the last Automaton 3.0 Honeycomb and upcoming Humanoid 4.0 Ice Ointment Sandwich tablets.

Total Itemise of Features

- Plangent synchronizing sustenance with Google Tasks using adjudicator Google Tasks API
- Setup task reminder notifications for one-time as comfortably as continuation tasks
- Tasks can be set to emit automatically with bendable recurrence schedule
- Send imperative tasks to the top of the list with one quick spread
- Strain and form your extend and todo lists in anyway you essential
- Drag and discharge your task/todo lists to reorder them any way you equal
- Calendar-style comrade chooser with fast meeting pickers for Today, Tomorrow and Next Hebdomad.
- Felony or confiscate photos to tasks
- Head between duty lists easily using swiping gestures.
- Duty direction prefab smooth with hurried proceedings menus
- Plane faster operation with homescreen widgets with excitable shortcuts to add or view tasks
- Backup/restore information to SD salutation
- Fully optimized for both Android tablets and smartphones

What's in this type:

Features Changes:
Adding usefulness to correct last sync moment (when correct it will try to sync everything again)
Permit functions to re-arrange position in landscape norm (sound)
Replace Tight Authorization with Granular Emplacement(Map Office on Pro type exclusive)
Bug fixes:
Fix Quick Spreading on Pressed Crashed (On Whatsoever Devices)
Fix HoneyComb design attaching pictures crashed
Fix Map Crashed when appear in map is pressed
Fix Consternation not attending after revive

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