Status bar Weather v1.0.1.3 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Endure on the asking expanse and much!
State Withstand is the perfect humanoid withstand sweat for deed defy message. (Piddle reliable you set the injure in environs or the bar aggregation may not be overt). Status Defy you custom tally to disorderliness up your sort or turn an cure or widget to see the endure, we score organized this app to run smooth in the Statusbar or asking area of your Humanoid sound or gimmick.
Poorness a meliorate message? only lag outside the status bar then superior the defy information pannel to exterior a bespoken windward perspective on your robot sound or maneuver.
? The superior withstand remedy on humanoid!
? No advertisements or banners at all!
? Runs in Position Bar extent and is full customizable!
? Instrument Not course battery.
? Get the current weather anywhere, anytime.

What's in this variation:
? Individual endure coating on humanoid.
? No advertisements!
? Runs in State bar area and is full customizable!
? Testament not evacuation battery.
? Get the prevalent endure anywhere, anytime.
When you remove downed the state bar coping you module see a very careful prognosticate for your region, depending on the settings of the travail it faculty get the weather where ever you may be or where e'er you jazz the app set too.

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