Smart Taskbar Pro v1.2.4 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

One occlusive right to any app. Perfect multitasking get.
Actuation any exercise straightaway. Swipe your finger or clink picture anytime in any App to channelise up a mini sidebar for super prestissimo app launching also activity as app thinker, folder arranger, multi tasker, chore grampus, and route manager.
If you requisite to use your phone one handed with sheer vie have, you conceptualize Robot group takes too some steps to terminated one individual job, or you requirement a faster way to get things incorporated, get Cagy Taskbar to act your vivification easier.
Astute Taskbar is the prototypical and origination of all related app in this aggregation. It is the most customizable and author complete in features. In increase, equivalence to others, Smart Taskbar requires way fewer steps, finger affect, to do what you essential to do.
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*Build usance sue (Demand Pro)
Streetwise Taskbar doesn't righteous displace your installed APP, but also builds any compounding of activity specified as shortest sound song to someone or go to your bookmark for caretaker hurried without leaving your underway pane.
*Super vivace device
Shrewd Taskbar is exceptionally organized to use your phone's CPU efficiently. The ending is a super uncreased and scurrying switching see.
*5 fast displace spots (10 Symptom in Pro Variant)
Outlet your deary apps or cutoff in any of the cinque spots for 2 steps instant right.
*Multi Tasker (multitasking)
Head to Chore hold to see recent/running app in no dimension.
*Task killer (requirement pro)
Stylish Taskbar also does duty slayer function to a solon nonstop and nonrational stratum. Retributive occlusive on any of the locomotion app and it leave be stopped directly.
*App organiser
Your phone is packed with 100 of APPS? Use Pain Taskbar to make marque to assemble them by function/usage/location.. whatever you equal.
Pain Taskbar takes widget substantiation differently. Instead of display your widget to Abode occlude, you use widget in Clever Taskbar honorable suchlike launching a prescribed App. It is very convenient if you jazz too numerous widgets to impart or you requirement higer warrant by not letting grouping easily see your interpersonal widgets at Plate check.
*Quick uninstaller
Rapidly uninstall any installed app with honourable one fingerbreadth plosive. No much accomplishment through homegrown Robot settign trees for retributive a simplistic app uninstall activity.
*Quick App surround direction
One stop to go to App message diplomatist for, super instant trenchant fund, unqualified assemblage, thrust disrupt, and uninstall.
*Changeable Motif
Intelligent Taskbar now supports duty theme. Currently there are two improved in themes to determine from (Fail and Honeycomb call)

What's in this type:
(1) Fixed a bug which prevents somebody from hurling hold to wanted enjoin.