Sleep as Android (Unlocked) v20120108 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Track your sleep and wake up gently with nature sounds in optimal sleep phase
Alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker.

Wakes you gently in light sleep for pleasant mornings. Features: sleep graph history, sleep debt stats, sharing (FaceBook, email), nature alarms (birds, sea, storm...) with gradual volume up, music volume down when asleep, captcha, sleep talk/snoring recording

What's in this version:
CAPTCHA is much harder to avoid, cannot be killed through the notification.
QR CAPTCHA can now only be learned in settings not during alarm dismiss.
Screen brightness when un-dimming fixed.
Alarm gets snoozed when automatically killed.
Button (star) to set alarm for ideal sleep time with one touch.
Several little force close fixes.

Download Instructions: