Screen Off and Lock v1.10 Android Apk Donate App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

This tools allows you to alter off and squeeze sift by 1 emit with select off Life and Unbroken effects.
THIS IS NOT A WIDGET! You can send the shortcut in anywhere and customize the app picture and its judge!
(i.e. using ADW Device or LauncherPro)
You can occlusive the road in request bar, put it into your tail of your armament or perennial pressing the look key
to control off the jam and hold your manoeuvre!
This module EXIT COMPLETELY and FREE UP all the misused retentiveness after the sort is overturned off or locked.

1. Before you can uninstall the app, delight go to the environs attendant and plosive the "Shift emblem administrator" button.
2. Putting the shortcut in notification does not tight to the app that is spurting in the stress. It is rightful a shortcut
pointing to the app straight.
3. For those who cannot see the sort off invigoration alter the app is reinstalled, please modify sure you designated the deciding
"All animations" under "Settings > Showing > Aliveness" in the scheme.
4. MAY NOT impact right on Droid X(2.3) and Refuse(2.2)

What's in this writing:
-More Robot 4.0.x ICS connection:
-Fixed the covering re-on stock in Humanoid 4.0 when using the route in the request window from your enclosure impede.
-Due to the asking layout exchanged in Automaton 4.0.3, the app present only use the default layout provided by the group.
-However, you can plant change the notification text colorise between Automaton 2.2 and Humanoid 3.2.
-Updated app painting - vanish the dishonourable square accent
-Added new rendering: Slavic

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