Ringdroid v2.5 Android Apk Free App

Requirements: Android 2.3+



The archetype open-source ringtone editor for Android, forward publicised in 2008 and downloaded by jillions of users worldwide.

Create your own ringtone, signal, or notification channel from an existing audio record, or disc a new one straight on the instrumentation.

This exercise is matched with most Humanoid devices locomotion system versions 1.6 ('friedcake') through 2.3.x ('gingerbread').

Past changes:
Edition 2.5 of Ringdroid has somebody port improvements including the knowledge to use a ringtone directly to a communication and to achievement new frequence on devices functional Automaton system type 2.3.x ('gingerbread'). It also adds a new 'Secrecy' item to the main card that lets you convert that scope at any moment.

Latest edition: 2.5 (for all Humanoid versions)