Pocket Assistant: Everfriends v1.1.167 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: A new generation of pocket assistants - with personality and a sense of humor!

☆☆☆☆☆ A new generation of pocket assistants - with personality and a sense of humor!
✦ A charming girl and a cute alien answer your every need! DOWNLOAD NOW, get this Siri competitor for FREE!
"The app is pretty customized and addressed to you; it asks for your name and it talks to you in a more personal way, making it easy to use and more fun than other robotic assistants". - AndroidZoom.Com
The cute extraterrestrial Spoony and the beautiful blonde Brainy want to make friends with you! Yes, with you! They will answer various requests or just chat with you, cheer you up or help you through a busy day. Cheerful and gregarious, resourceful and smart, they're really alive!
Get to know them, and their sunny disposition will make you friends forever.
What can they do?
✦ Supply you with music, games and jokes
✦ Wake you up, bring you weather forecasts, news, reminders and social updates
✦ Come to the rescue at the right moment with maps, notes and Wiki
✦ Answer you and react to your touch or swipe
✦ Learn new skills and improve their understanding of your needs
More and more features become available every week, stay tuned for updates!
Download this free application and see for yourself!
For this Holiday season Spoony hurried here from another planet, and Brainy dressed up in a red dress! Check out what gifts they have prepared for you. Happy holidays!
If you like this app, please spread a word about it to your friends and family. Brainy and Spoony would love to get acquainted with people you love! And this will also help us continue improving Everfriends.
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