Photo Stream v1.0 Apk App

Requirements: 1.6+
Overview: Digital photo frame for SNS. Supports Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Gallery

Shows photos on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Camera roll.
No need for complicated operation or setting.
Starts with photos of albums on SNS as soon as you login.
You can also see photos open to public by searching with tag.
Shows up beautiful nature or laughing party picture by photographers on the Flickr or Picasa around the world.

What PhotoStream can do
✔Show photos on the album uploaded to SNS services.
✔Supports Flickr, Facebook, Picasa
✔Search for photos by many of photographers around the world.
✔Shows photos in Gallery.
✔Disablea black out feature while displaying.
✔Displays clock and calendar
✔Supports 16 countries holiday
✔Forward to next and previous photo by flicking.
✔Supports screen rotation.
✔Share photos displayed with your friends.
✔Send photos displayed to Evernote.
✔Show detailed information about photo

What PhotoStream can't do
✘Can't do complicated and special transition.
✘Can't choice photos to show one by one.
✘Can't display multi photos same time.

Example usage of PhotoStream
●You can collect excellent sunset photos.
●Shows baby's photos while charging.
●You can see beautiful landscape around the world sitting on the chair at home.
●Shows family's picture on the tablet

✱Tap to show menu at bottom of the screen.
✱Flick to switch to next or previous photos.
✱Send photo to other applications from Share menu.
✱Show detailed information about photo from Detail menu.
✱Select photos from Photo menu.
✱Search photos with tag from SNS services.
✱Show photos from SNS albums.
✱Set options from Setting menu.

Download Instructions: