Phone Tracker v3.5.2 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Transform your Automaton into a payment GPS chase figure.
One of the hottest iPhone apps is now getable on the Automaton sound: GPS Sound Tracker.
Now you can alter your phone into a reward GPS following design and copy the movements of additional phones. You can somebody the peace-of-mind to pair your kids arrived safely at school/home, your relative is invulnerable piece motion, and your family can notify you where they are situated during times of poorness.
Use your phone to see where your friends and ancestry are in your municipality or crosswise the orb.
? Analyze binary grouping on a individual map
? See people's movements for the foregone 48 hours
? Site anyone with an accuracy of 30 feet (10 meters)
? Log locations from every 2 minutes to 60 proceedings
? Take photos to key users on maps
? Superior instant framing to see additional's movements
? Use follower maps or street maps
The "GPS Phone Tracker" combines the husky GPS functionality of the Golem platform with the most general cyberspace mapping means to create a unafraid, permission-based grouping that allows grouping to see apiece added's circulating locating as recovered examine their movements for the past 48 hours.
With the "GPS Phone Tracker" you can:
? Arise kids movements during the day
? Cognise where kinsfolk is at any instant
? Cartroad employees during acquisition hours
? Send friends
? Experience unregenerated or stolen phones
? This variant allows you to rails 2 opposite phones. Elevate to canvass up to 10 grouping.
? To examine added being, they staleness use the "GPS Sound Tracker" to aid you authorization.
Please remark: This app is not a is a concrete pursuit method. It instrument let others ensue you and track your movements patch the app is functioning. Delight use this app responsibly and ONLY let people you syndicate originate you.

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