Personal Budgeteer v1.0.3 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Personal Budgeteer is a powerful app for advanced management of financial revenues and expenditures of your household.

Main features:
- Flexible movements tracking: insert, update and delete money transactions with few touches. Every movement is customizable in all terms. PB automatically checks for possible duplicates during movement insertion.
- Fully customizable 2-level categories: define your own categories and category groups in every detail and update or remove them at any time.
- Multiple accounts capability: define multiple accounts and transfer funds between them.
- Synchronization tools: Got a big "android family"? PB allows you to synchronize one or more local accounts with as many paired android device as you need (Bluetooth required). Keep always updated your family's movements with few touches.
- Periodic alerts managing: need to remind recurrent expenses? PB offers a powerful tool to generate alert notifications and attach fully customizable movements to them.
- Advanced reporting tools: PB offers one of the best in-app reporting instruments set available today. You can select report time intervals and aggregate data by movements, time, categories, creation date... I's possible to sort the results by many criteria and compare them with other results from different time intervals.
- In-app search engine: search for specific movements using different search criteria.
- Online currency managing and conversion: PB has full multi-currency capabilities. Define account currencies and make currency conversions all the time using web updated rates.
- Import/Export features: accounts, movements, categories, periodic alerts and reports are exportable on SD card (or via email) using csv file format. You can update them easily from your PC and import them from device's SD card.
- Password protection: protect your data with password.
- Widgets: access PB from the home screen of your device. Different formats available.
- Support: every component of PB has an help page to guide you bringing out the best from it. Our team is always reachable via email and is available to answer for questions and improvement requests.

Operates in English, Italian, French.
From the next update (January 2012) operates in German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Download Instructions: