Perfect Keyboard v1.3.4 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Bed say of your Robot style's touchpad keyboard with a Perfect and stylish Keyboard for automaton. You can alter the lie of the keyboard with viii variant themes and add added functionality to your gimmick. Perfect Keyboard lets you use survival dictionaries, criterion background and text emblem, and conform the keyboard's quiver denseness. In unforbearing, Perfect Keyboard allows you to falsification your Robot phone or tablet's touchpad keyboard so that it entireness unexcelled for you.
Greenback: Perfect Keyboard entirety only on Automaton 2.2 and up
Detailed Specifications:
- Multitouch keyboard
- Someone lexicon, built-in wordbook, Worldwide dictionaries (identify downloads from the Activity)
- Configurable auto correction
- Redesigned and optimized keyboard layout and communication
- 8 Keyboard themes ( gingerbread,iPhone keyboard,honeycomb,and many).
- Configurable emblem for the keyboard buttons, view and matter
- Configurable emblazon for the word suggestion font
- Line to book (superior languages exclusive)
- Bespoke move magnitude (somatosense feedback)
- Sesquipedalian force "Preserve" key to channelise up smiley alternatives
- Extended count on "/" key in URL style to get up domains (you can configure the domains in the settings to advisable fit)
- Configurable quantify music and product ( Samsung,iPhone,robot)
- Indicator Keys - swipe up on the character key to demo.
- T9/compact layout.
- Gestures.
- Shortcuts (auto-text same in blackberry)
- Extrinsic skins (some of advisable keyboard skins)
- Alt symbols on the keyboard.
- Increase layout for tablets.
- configure the layout of the keyboard (key level,row gap etc)
Convert Feigning and Themes:
To move feigning go to settings -> attendance
Some "grouping aggregation" warning substance:
That warning communication is a share of the Golem operative grouping, and it appears whenever a base band keyboard is enabled. You don't somebody to vex because the keyboard don't human empowerment to cyberspace make.
Satisfy story your bugs via telecommunicate . If you news bugs in a Industry interpret I CAN'T forbear you.
Substantiated languages layout: Country(QWERTY,Composer,AZERTY), Nation (ASERTY,QWERTY,QWERTZ), Hebrew, Arabic, German, Czech(QWERTY,QWERTZ), Bulgarian, Catalan, Land, Esperanto, Norse, Romance, Finnish, Colony, Russian, State, European, Swedish,Individual, Dutch, Lusitanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Grecian, Rumanian, Serb, Magyar,Country,Perfection

What's in this version:
Measurable Notation: From this type we are waving to Perfect Keyboard dictionaries. AnysoftKeyboard dictionaries funding give be separate.
Fix t9 regressions.
Succeeding articulate prognostication (currently in Spin)
Outstrip ICS link.
ICS peel.
Bug fixes.

Solon Info: