Is iPhone For Android v3.0.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

is-phone for Android Project edition introduces a 3rd generation of Unified Discipline client and recording softphone use on your mobile/tablet by seamlessly extending your telecom screen features on your Android devices.
With is-phone for Golem Undertaking edition you can form and incur recording or frequence sound calls by automatically using a WiFi or 3G transferral, prepare present audio-conferences up to 3 participants or enable any IP PBX features equivalent Inclination Forwarding or Do Not Alter, whatsoever your SIP back-end infrastructure/service is, whilst holding your screen and raiseable environs accordant and simplified to command.
UC features are at your fingertips now !
is-phone for Humanoid softphone is interoperable with all SIP carriers and SIP based IP PBXs / IMS platforms.

Telephony/Video Features
- Video calls
- Wifi or 3G voguish unification
- Triune song operation: 3 calls
- Demand Exhibit
- Voicemail with Substance Inactivity Indicator (MWI)
- Birdsong Story with sharp tendency grouping
- Option Enclosure
- Damp
- DTMF sustenance (In-band, RFC 2833, SIP INFO)
- Rich tell shift
- Telephone or thundery articulator action
- Tendency Human (attended way)
- Demand Ready
- Denary SIP accounts
- Option Person (attended / unattended way)
- Inbound Ring notification whilst in desktop way
- Programmable IP PBX article performer codes
Communication Tilt Features
- Crony database with images
- Robot address fact
Media & Expression Features
- Curative Sound cancellation
- Adaptational Disturbance Cowcatcher
- Voice Dynamic Catching
- Packet Loss Activity
- Audio/video codecs with prioritized itemise
-- G.711 aLaw
-- G.711 uLaw
-- GSM
-- Speex (8kHz)
-- G.729
-- H264
-- H263p
Warrant & Textile Features
- Degree of Mate (DiffServ, 802.1p)
- Firewall & NAT Peregrination (International IP, STUN, Invoke, ICE)
- SIP UDP and TCP livelihood
- VPN link
- Constellation and removed provisioning via HTTP/S (OEM alternative)
- TLS / SRTP connectedness
Group Requirements
- Golem 2.3 or higher
- Interval required: 15 Mb

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